Custom Home Building, throughout Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding metro area.

Tri-M Construction creates one-of-a-kind custom homes in communities throughout Wichita and the surrounding metro area that reflect your personality and lifestyle. You can count on your precious memories being created and shared in a quality built, energy efficient home that will last for decades.

Miles D. Millspaugh, managing partner of Tri-M Construction has home building in his blood. Growing up learning home building skills, Miles has an exceptional work ethic with hands-on knowledge that comes from experience. That experience continues to benefit his clients today.

Miles has the practical craftsman skillset, the technical know-how and the customer service attitude required to produce beautiful, outstanding and creative homes.Miles is not about cutting corners on quality, but will always have his client’s vision and best interests at heart.

Miles is involved in your home building adventure from the initial meeting to walk through, closing and beyond.

Customize one of the many distinctive plans that Miles has designed or start from scratch with your own ideas. Tri-M Construction’s floor plans are loaded with features and amenities that today’s buyers are looking for. 

Tri-M Construction has the in-house capability of drafting and designing your dream home without you having to spend a lot of extra money. Miles is passionate about quality and design. Miles has that attention to detail, quality and affordability that makes Tri-M Construction a top choice for homebuyers

Effective Communication

Good communication is the key to a predictable and smooth building process during the building time line. Tri-M Construction has systems in place for communicating effectively with our clients before, during and after construction. Over the years, we have learned to respect and to adjust to our client’s communication style and preferences. 

Miles will work with you to settle on a communication plan that allows you to be updated on a level that works for you to provide the home you desire and deserve. If you are tech savy, you will be provided with a secure link to an online site that is customized to your building project.

Receive detailed information at your fingertips, every step of the way with our user-friendly technology.

 ✔Selection ProgressUpgrade PricingDocumentsFinancialsProject PhotosEmails

Our user friendly technology helps keep track of multiple emails, plans, documents and selection choices. Our streamlined process increases efficiency, reduces mis-communication and keeps you in charge through the building process.

Keep track in real time

We know that you want to track the progress of your home build. During home construction, there are many tasks to complete and choices to make. We don’t want you to miss a thing so Tri-M Construction provides a home owner log-in to our cloud based user friendly build technology. This technology helps us effectively communicate with you and keeps track of changes. You are always informed and up to date.

outdoor furniture brochure
outdoor furniture brochure

Selection due dates

Log-in and visit the construction site each day to see what progress is being made. Our mobile, cloud-base application is designed for home owner communication and collaboration. Our home buyer clients love the ease of use and convenience!

You will see updates and timelines for completion on various aspects of the project. Daily activity logs and a list of selections that need to be made (flooring, paint, fixtures, etc.) are organized for easy viewing. You can also view photos of your home’ s progress right from your phone or computer.

When the framing is complete, you know. When the drywall is up, you can see it for yourself. You can see where the progress of the entire project at any time and even share it with others. We’ve eliminated any concern you may have about your home’s progress if you can’t be at the job site.

Budget management

Your budget is at your fingertips. There will never be a selection added that you don’t approve. As you make your selections and approve change orders, you can see the pricing updates instantly.

Driving to our office or sending a signed fax to approve a choice is old school. In real time, you can view a list of choices and approve change orders at time and place that is convenient for you.

outdoor furniture brochure
outdoor furniture brochure

Real Time Collaboration

As your home is being built, an updated photo album lets you share real time photos with your sphere of family and friends.

Also, no more searching for that email about your paint color selection… because emails and conversations are organized by category. If you prefer facetime with Miles when making selections, he will meet with you as often as you like. At your convenience, send Miles a question or request pricing for upgrades online and get his timely response

Quality is at the Core of Everything We Do.

Client Satisfaction

Tri-M Construction ensures quality by building above and beyond code requirements. From the foundation to the frame and the roof – we are vigilant in our pursuit of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Most of our sub-contractors have been with us for decades and their pride and craftsmanship is evident in their work.

Quality depends on the materials used and the skills of the craftsman doing the work. Client satisfaction depends on Tri-M Construction maintaining good relationships with industry partners. During each phase of construction, Miles will be on the jobsite communicating any changes and inspecting the quality of the work.

A Unique Process

You are an integral part of Tri-M Construction’s design and building team. You bring the vision and we bring the know-how. From the design state until completion - our client service tools are built with your style, needs, wants, and budget in mind.

Our in-house plan design team provides a timely service that is flexible to your ideas and changes. With our construction estimating and the latest tools in AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) at every step of the way, you will have accurate figures and a vision of what your new home will look like.

If requested, we will walk you through our local vendor partner show rooms to present the latest in high-end materials and appliances. We love the creative process that starts with your vision and results in bringing to life a unique home designed to suit your lifestyle - within budget and on time.

On Your Land

Many of our clients choose to get away from the bustle of city living. While we also build in many communities in Wichita and the surrounding metro areas, Tri-M Construction has extensive experience in building homes that are located on privately owned land.

Yes, there are challenges when building on acreage and our experience will assist you in being aware of zoning laws, flood zoning, sewer, water, electrical requirements and other compliance concerns.

Miles will gladly visit your preferred site to help you determine the best build locations and construction methods that suit your needs. Tri-M Construction has experience in building on different types of land and in building unique structures.

Need a home built with an attached hangar and a runway for your plane? Tri-M Construction has built it!

Build a green custom home with Tri-M construction

Building Smart

Tri-M Construction cares about the environment. Guided by integrity, we build the healthiest, most energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes possible for each of our clients. We are committed to minimizing environmental impacts and harmonizing with the beauty of the natural landscape.

We work with you to integrate green features, from engineered wood flooring to energy efficient gas furnaces or any of the wide variety of custom sustainable products and energy efficient systems available. Preserving the natural environment, Tri-M Construction builds sustainable homes that are safer, more comfortable and more cost efficient. While building lifelong relationships and building homes that last a lifetime – we are also building for life to exist in our environment.

Tri-M Construction also offers suggestions to conserve natural resources and reduce your long term utility costs. You may want to build an Energy Star rated home that include additional energy-saving features. Energy Star rated homesare typically 20% up to 30% more efficient than standard homes.

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